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How Not to Be ‘That Guy’ at Your Super Bowl Party

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By Cooper Fleishman on February 2, 2012

Think you know everything you need to know about this weekend’s Patriots-Giants matchup? The dudes who brought you the one of the greatest accomplishments of the Shit Groups Say deluge is back with a damn funny pre–Super Bowl video on the all-important concept of game-day etiquette.

This means no playing banjo in a Speedo, no Googling random facts to try to sound like you regularly watch football (guilty), no throwing bowls of … kale? at people’s faces (guiltier).

Enjoy — and then place your bets and watch these outstanding Super Bowl ads again.

It’s gonna be a great Sunday.

If you missed it, here’s Tripp and Tyler’s “Shit Nobody Says”:

Their excellent Doritos commercial:


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