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Hottest Celebs Not Named Bradley Cooper Who Speak Other Languages

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By HVentertainment on July 25, 2012

When video of Bradley Cooper speaking French went viral last year, women swooned as if Conrad Birdie joined up with The Beatles at Idlewild.

While most Americans speak only English (heck, two-thirds of ‘Murrican citizens don’t even have passports), they at least appreciate the inherent sexiness of people who embrace a love of language.

It’s exotic. Hypnotic, even.

For help on tracking down other celebrities who can turn you on with their bilingualism, we turned to our friends (and landlords) at Fluent City, a hip, laid-back learning center that teaches 10 different languages to its students in Manhattan and Brooklyn (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew.)

Mila Kunis speaks Russian:

Natalie Portman speaks Hebrew:

(She reportedly also speaks some French, German, Japanese and Spanish.)

Colin Firth speaks Italian:

Kobe Bryant speaks Italian, too.

We hate to paginate, but this page will load like molasses if we don’t break it up. But click here for more cool vids of Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio and others.

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