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Tom Hanks Scored by Chet Haze

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By Greg Seals on October 26, 2012

Tom Hanks, America’s Male Sweetheart, has won Academy Awards and Golden Globes and all kinds of kudos for his critically acclaimed acting. But it’s likely his proudest accomplishments aren’t awards, but his sons — Colin, Truman and white rapper Chester, aka Chet Haze.

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The tremendous talents of this father-and-son tandem can be held back no longer. We’ve taken five memorable Tom Hanks scenes and scored them with the sultry sounds of his son’s scintillating music, making each scene that much more emotional and unforgettable. The best actor of a generation meets the voice of a generation, proving that two Hanks truly are better than one.

When young Chester Hanks isn’t crooning in the studio, he’s allegedly keeping himself busy by posting some salacious comments and spitting game on Reddit under the the handle “ChetHaze.” Though the account is now no longer, check out our dramatic reading of Chet’s can’t-miss comments.

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