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Grandma & Grandson Get Down to “Rack City”

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By HVvids on January 5, 2012

What a typical scenario: The Greatest Generation does all the work while the bottom-feeder mouth-breathers of today’s General WiFi sit there, do nothing and expect all the kudos.

Nah, this is actually pretty awesome. Check out Texas teenager Frank Twitchy gettin’ down with his grandmama to Tyga’s “Rack City.” She must have missed the “Got your grandma on my dick” lyric. No matter, she absolutely kills it. Stellar work, grandma.

What a world when a kid who’s about Bar Mitzvah age can upload a video of his spry grandmother and have more than a half-million people watch it within 24 hours (or maybe the same 10 teenage girls have watched it 50,000 times). Who knows. But it’s great times on that information superhighway.

Is this about to start a trend? Already a copycat has sprung up:

And is the original “Rack City” above better or worse than LMFAO Grandma:

(via FrankTwitchy via The Daily What)

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