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How Many Product Placements Can You Spot in Carly Rae Jepsen’s New ‘Good Time’ Vid?

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By India Kushner on July 24, 2012

OK, the Fiat is an obvious one. The first half of the “Call Me Maybe” singer’s catchy new single (with synth-pop heartthrob Owl City) is pretty much a car commercial. But if you look closely, this thing is more packed with brand names and corporate logos than Times Square.

Here’s what we found — and we’re sure there’s way, way more. What’d you see?

Fiat (0:03)

Dodge Charger (0:15)

Slurpees (1:04)

Baby G. watch (1:05)

Hunter boots (1:21)

Beats by Dre headphones (2:14)

This song may repeat endlessly on the American Eagle store soundtrack this summer, but does it have the same viral potential as her first single? We’ll see when Colin Powell sings it.

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