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Hey, It’s 26-Year-Old George Clooney on ‘Murder, She Wrote’

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By HVentertainment on October 27, 2012

Murder, She Wrote, built around the charmingly badass Angela Lansbury, was a veritable cavalcade of superstar cameos and before-they-were-famous guest appearances. Everybody wanted a piece of Jessica Fletcher.

Hey, lookit, that’s a 26-year-old George Clooney guesting as Kip Howard (for the record, he did not murder anyone, nor play a big role in its solving). This late Season 3/1987 appearance by Clooney comes after his 17-episode arc on The Facts of Life but before his one episode of The Golden Girls.

Heavenly angel Lansbury made MS-Dubs a breeding ground for young talent. Hey, is that Neil Patrick Harris in Season 9?

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And, whoa, a pre-Parenthood Joaquin Phoenix (back when he was billed as as Leaf Phoenix) on a Season 1 episode in 1984.

I love Murder, She Wrote. I’m not 80. It’s weird. It’s awesome.

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