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Quick! Get Some Turtles!

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By HVculture on November 10, 2012

Redditor Sissah spotted this on the way to work …

Is this how Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles begins in real life? Is this a Nickelodeon shoot gone awry? Has Slimer been in the area? All good theories, but the answer is, as you’d expect, pretty harmless.

“This happens to be a common color of dye used to look at storm sewer flow,” fellow Redditor thtrtechie suggests.

Then: “This is correct,” alreadygonewild adds. “Likely tracing a pipe of some version, so they flooded it with green colored water. This stuff generates reports of anti-freeze spills in creeks around my home town periodically when they’re trying to trace misrouted storm drains.”

Finally: “Correct. It is Fluorescein dye,” MrEtrain writes.

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