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Doubt: Dramatic Interpretation of Middle Schoolers’ Facebook Comments

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By HVculture on February 7, 2012

Do you remember how awful middle school was? Do you remember how awful you were in middle school? The saving grace is that there was no social media — this awfulness didn’t play out in public.

But we live in different times. All of these petty jealousies and hormonal impulses are now online for the world to read. Enter the Navy Seals of Comedy, who are taking immature conversations to the next level: “This is what happens when you create a drama using only words from Facebook photo comments written by 7th graders. The following video is a dramatic interpretation of a public conversation held between three middle school students through Facebook photo comments.”

Original, funny, well-conceived and well-executed. We can only hope that becomes a series.

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(via Reddit)

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