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Was Donald Duck a Secret Nazi?

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By HVentertainment on May 29, 2012

No. No he wasn’t. BUT!

pic via Walt Disney Corp./Ehapa

That blacked-out word? That’s “Holocaust!” As in “Congratulations!”

Huh? Alright, let’s turn it over to Der Spiegel for explanation:

In the episode titled “Where is the Smoke?” a dignitary honors a team of firefighters, with the German words, in the bubble above his beak, boasting of the “awards to our brave and always alert fire lookouts! Holocaust!”

The original comic, written by Carl Barks and appearing in 1972, used the word as a synonym for “inferno” or “blaze.” The duck dignitary gives plaques to the fire lookouts for pinpointing the “awesome Holocaust.”

German publisher Egmont Ehapa, which brings the Mickey Mouse comics to the country, says the mistake was not a translation error. The word didn’t appear in the translator manuscript, spokesperson Elke Schickedanz told SPIEGEL ONLINE. The mistake came up during production, when the English text in the word bubbles was not thoroughly removed, she said.

The comic book, which was supposed to appear on May 8, was promptly recalled. The word “Holocaust” was blacked out by hand and the new edition should be available in stores this week. There were still a few copies of the original German comic sold in May before the recall.


Alright, innocent mistake. Donald Duck: apparently not a Jew-hating Nazi. But Business Insider’s Henry Blodget? After this specious piece of hate linkbait called “Why Do Some People Hate Jews,” it appears as if the Germans can spot where offense will be taken easier than a big-time CEO.

[Der Spiegel/The Awl]


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