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Stop Everything and Look at These Dogs Dressed as ‘Breaking Bad’

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By HVentertainment on December 27, 2012

Breaking Bad Dogs

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any cuter than kids dressed as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, these “Barking Bad” dogs come along. Why aren’t they your desktop background and tattooed on your calf yet? What?! Do you hate happiness or something? If anyone can take on Gus String and the Cat-tel, it’s these meth hounds. [Warming Glow]

Charles Durning

Charles “killed a Nazi with a rock” Durning passed away at 89 this week. You might remember him from his role in O Brother Where Art Thou, but did I mention that he once killed a Nazi with a rock?! [FilmDrunk]

Dwyane Wade

It looks like Dwyane Wade has been taking a few women’s self defense courses at the learning annex. See him deliver a swift quick to the nuts of one Ramon Sessions during Wednesday night’s Miami Heat game. [WithLeather]

Nice Guys of Westeros

Sometimes the Internet has a way of happening in such an extraordinary way that you have to stand back in awe. That’s where Nice Guys of Westeros comes in, it’s the mashup of Game of Thrones and Nice Guys of OKCupid that none of us knew we wanted, but desperately needed. [Uproxx]

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