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Breaking Bad’s Best of 2012, Bitch!

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By Greg Seals on December 7, 2012

Back in the fall we brought you the official guide to a Breaking Bad Halloween. But celebrating Walter White’s homecooking isn’t a seasonal activity, it’s something to be celebrated year round.

Though the first half of 2012 held plenty of arm-scratching withdrawals in anticipation of season five, we were all rewarded handsomely in July. Not just with the best television ever produced, but tons of glorious internet pics, videos, and gifs. Here’s all the best of Breaking Bad that 2012 brought.

We finally got a chance to cook like Walter White.

Or a 16-bit glimpse at slinging some blue.

Valentines Day is all about the chemistry.

2012 was a big election year.


Mr. White gave his endorsement to a student body presidential hopeful.

After five seasons the show finally got its much deserved porn parody…

…and the equally anticipated Ben and Jerry’s flavor.


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We were treated to some amazing gifs courtesy of Breakinggifs.com.

We finally found out exactly how many millions all that meth is worth.

Jesse pursued an alternative means of raising money for Mr. White to fight his cancer.


We were treated to some genius Seinfeld/Larry David-inspired mashups.

Aaron Paul’s yearbook photo was unearthed.

The show inspired some amazing Halloween parenting.

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Fans interpreted the show’s poster with a twist.



Finally, the internet introduced us, or reintroduced us, to old footage of our favorite actors.


A young Aaron Paul on The Price is Right

Aaron Paul has gotta have his pops, bitch!

Before he was running drug cartels, Giancarlo Esposito was on Sesame Street in the ’80s.

Before he was the gruff but lovable Mike Ehrmentraut, Jonathan Banks was teaching you about your mesnies.

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