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Cook Like Walter White With This ‘Breaking Bad’ Browser Game

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By Greg Seals on August 9, 2012

In its five-season run, AMC’s hit series “Breaking Bad” has managed to make mini-chemists out of its adoring viewers as we’ve watched more hours of cooking than on the Food Network.

Now thanks to this browser based mini-game from Flavour Machine, you can finally put that hard-earned knowledge to the test. No RV required!

Based off the popular Nintendo DS platform “Cooking Mama,” this “Breaking Bad” version makes crushing Sudafed pills, mixing chemicals and pouring acid more adorable than Walt’s baby.

Play “Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad” here.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bucket of Los Pollos Hermanos and take the afternoon off, because this game is addicting. Suit up in your yellow hazmat suit and make some blue of your own — just make sure to enter Heisenberg as your name when you hit the high score, as you don’t want Uncle Hank and the DEA on your ass.

I hope this is just one in series of “Breaking Bad”-based games to come. What about Walter White and the Kingdom of the Blue Crystal?

Greg Seals is a guy who writes things after making silly poses. Sometimes he’s a funny person. Sometimes. Indulge his sense of self-importance and follow @GregSeals on the Twitter.


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