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Bill Murray Takes You on a Hilarious Guided Tour of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

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By HVentertainment on May 22, 2012

Very few things, people or places are universally loved in the Internet Era. There’s always hate somewhere, lurking. Bill Murray may be the only exception to this rule. The man is a benign demigod.

Ahead of the Friday release of director Wes Anderson‘s new Wes Andersony film, Moonrise Kingdom, a rum-drunk Murray takes us on a guided tour of the set and enlightens us on the actors.

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For a contrarian’s perspective, we now go live to our cantankerous entertainment reporter, Rob, who says: “Here’s the deal. I love Wes Anderson. I love Bill Murray. But Anderson needs to stop making Bill Murray movies about his daddy issues. Enough already … it’s the same shit every time.”

(via Deadline via Gawker)


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