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Watch This Fabulous Bar Mitzvah Performance of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’

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By Greg Seals on August 16, 2012

On March 14th, 1992, Illinois-based teenager Shaun Sperling not only became a man, but he also became FABULOUS!

Being Bar or Bat Mitzvahed is a sacred rite of passage in the religious life of any young Jewish boy or girl, but the event can be a little stale or stuffy. Not Shaun’s celebration of manhood, though — this Dancing Queen Esther chose “Madonna” as the theme for his celebration, and then he opened the event with a performance of Madonna’s “Vogue” that surely had everyone exclaiming “Homo Nagila!” (We kid ‘cuz we care.)

Not only did Shaun decimate the dance floor with his expert Voguing and posing, but he didn’t stop there! For his performance, he chose to outfit himself in an Oxford emblazoned with a gigantic portrait of Madonna’s face on the back that I’d love to borrow if he still has it. This is surely the best present anyone can give Madge, who is celebrating her 54th birthday today, while her Bane arms are turning 109.

If you’re curious how Shaun’s doing since that triumph of a performance he uploaded this video to YouTube two years ago. It looks like he hasn’t lost any of his zest as he raps “Double Dutch Bus” by Frankie Smith. (Our friends at The Daily What note he is a gay activist and lawyer in Chicago.)

We here at HyperVocal would love to see a fierce dance-off between Shaun and last summer’s 9-year-old viral Voguing sensation Robert Jeffery.

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