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Anderson Cooper to Pic Snapper: ‘Bitch, What the F&*k Are You Doing?’

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By HVmedia on June 22, 2012

Pro tip: Do not try to snap a camera phone photo of Anderson Cooper. You might not get the Baldwin Treatment, but you will face his verbal wrath.

The CNN anchor and daytime fluffer sat down with BFFAEAEAE Kathy Griffin on Thursday night’s episode of “Kathy,” where the silver fox relayed a story about a cross-country commercial flight gone wrong. Cooper, seated next to U.S. Olympian Johnny Weir, said he started to doze off when he realized the man in front of him was trying to snap his picture. Ordinarily Cooper would let it slide, but on this occasion, he fought back with sassy aplomb.

Cooper claims he “said something to the effect of, ‘Bitch, what the f*&k are you doing?’” Oh, you nasty, Mr. Cooper.

Since the video won’t embed, click the pic below to be magically transported to the Los Angeles Times, which is hosting the clip of Cooper at his cattiest.

[via ONTD / Gawker]

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