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Watch ’80s Meryl Streep Sing About Eating Mushrooms in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Adaptation

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By HVentertainment on November 12, 2012

You can’t miss this unearthed footage of an ’80s Meryl Streep singing about eating mushrooms in an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. It’s ten times better than anything Tim Burton can muster with CGI.

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Back in the 1980s The Today Show was trying to keep your breakfast safe by doing some crack reporting on a demonic toaster.

Speaking of breakfast, a Swedish mom found three baby rat heads in a package of her child’s baby food.

It won’t matter what you smell like, because all your friends will abandon you once they find out you use edible deodorant candy.

This Chinese airline demands their pilots be odor free. They even administer a sniff test as part of their interview process. Pit stains need not apply.

Impress alcoholics at holiday parties this season by learning how to open a beer bottle with a dollar bill.

Science is one step closer to making Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak a reality.

Thanks to DisappearingRomney.com you can now watch Mitt lose Facebook friends in real time.

This couple met one another working for the Obama campaign. Then they got a chance to tell the man that brought them together their engagement story.

George R.R. Martin weighs in on who would win if his characters fought Tolkien’s in an epic fantasy battle.

Bon Iver find the internet’s weakness and is exploiting it, using kittens to sell his sneakers. Watch adorableness ensue.

A “Parks and Recreation” plot comes to life as a play about gay penguins is banned by a Texas school district.

This supercut of famous movie characters jumping through glass might sting a little.

Lance Armstrong trolls all the doping haters on Twitter.

Breaking down your BAC: this info graphic might make you reconsider butt chugging another bottle of franzia.

60 percent of women in congress are former Girl Scouts. Looks like those cookie selling skills really pay off later in life.

This kid is the Hugh Hefner of collecting Pokémon cards, complete with sweet red robe.

Deer suicide is on the rise in Idaho. Hundreds have taken their own life jumping off a 120-foot bridge.

This isn’t a traditional game of pick up chess in the park. Chess boxing is the bizarre new sport that combines brain and brawn.

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