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36 Best Tumblr Pics From 1991

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By Mike Cardillo on August 3, 2012

We’re in the throes of a 1990s nostalgia kick. We started, almost accidentally, posting the best pics on Tumblr tagged “1992.” Then we moved on to 1995. Then 1998. Then 1990. Then 1993. Then 1996. Now it’s 1991’s turn.

Schwing! It’s 1991 time. Pretty sure by now we all know the drill: Pick a year from the ’90s and Tumblr the night away. This year proved particularly tricky since somebody named “Azealia Banks” recently released an album called “1991.” I have no idea who or what this is and make no attempt to understand youth culture and their damned snapback hats, which first gained popularity in 1991. So it all comes full circle. Enjoy.

Doogie Howser, before NPH became everything:

“I’mma let u finish but Whitney Houston did the best national anthem of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Desert Storm trading cards!

When rollerblading didn’t come with gay jokes.

Awww, royally nostalgic:

Gerardo was Rico Suave.

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GnR ruled.

Agassi, before the meth and wigs:

Clarice …

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey was bogus:

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Doughboy gets arrested:

Cut to: Ricccckkkkkyyyyyyyyyy!

When Cindy Crawford’s ‘House of Style’ was a thing.

Ryan Gosling: shakin’ it at a Mormon talent show.

Best. Feminists. Ever.

Snark aside, great concert.

Rickey being Rickey:

“Vision of Love” = everywhere.

World’s smallest Point Break GIF?

Click here for Page 2 — so much more to go, including T2, ninja turtles, Sosa, RHCP, Twin Peaks and much more …


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