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35 Best Tumblr Pics & GIFs From 1997

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By Mike Cardillo on August 10, 2012

We’re in the throes of a 1990s nostalgia kick. We started, almost accidentally, posting the best pics on Tumblr tagged “1992.” Then we moved on to 1995. Then 1998. Then 1990. Then 1993. Then 1996. Then 1991. Now: 1997.

The most common Tumblr search result for 1997? Nope, it isn’t a little movie called The Boat That Hit the Iceberg Carrying Celine Dion. Instead, you guessed it, it’s the Lolita remake with Jeremy Irons.

The lesson, as always, the Internet is a very, very sticky place.

Onto the pics …

Were Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow engaged, or were they really some sort of Targaryen siblings?

Mariah, lookin’ wet and foine.

The start of it all … you bastards:

Something about apples:

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Selfish bitch, hoggin’ that makeshift raft:

Stoner De Niro made Jackie Brown awesome:

Earily delicious:

Truly incredible image: Marilyn Christ.

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The Evil family:

A Spice Girls kinda world:

I’m sold.

Oh, Howard. Best GIF ever?

Oh, Hollywood. Worst Batman ever?

Oh, Con Air Cage. Worst southern accent ever?

Jerry and Dean ran some trains that night, right?

RIP indeed.

Oh, but there’s so much more — click here for Page 2, including some Korben Dallas, the original movie Bane, Daria, and so much more.

MORE ’90s LISTOMANIA: See all the best pics and gifs on Tumblr from 1991, 1996, 1993, 1990, 1998, 1992, and 1995. You’ll be glad ya clicked.

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