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Lost 1998 Kanye West Footage: Has Eyeglasses, No Kardashians

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By HVentertainment on October 24, 2012

Hey, look, it’s some guy named Kanye 14 years ago who never in a million years would imagine having sex with Kim Kardashian

(Kanye comes in about 1:54 into the vid)

See kids: Hard work, good breaks, great beats, calling the president a racist on a live telethon, interrupting scared white girls’ award speeches and dating reality television princesses does pay off in the end. But it all starts somewhere. Like wearing eyeglasses in da club.

The scene is set: It’s 1998, and the stars are out at Jermaine Dupri’s party. Some good Internet spelunkers at Channel Zero dug this up.

EgoTripLand breaks it down:

Ma$e and his Harlem World crew interviewed at Jermaine Dupri’s b-day bash in ’98 along with a fledgling producer named… Kanye West! ‘Ye is clearly giddy as all hell (“Yo, Chi-Town – REPRESENT!”) given the chance to roll with these dudes (for whom he produced “You Made Me” off HW’s The Movement LP). Never get tired of seeing these types of pre-fame clips. Priceless stuff.

I’mma let you finish, Kanye, but The Karate Kid had the best lost footage of all time. OF ALL TIME.

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[@FakeShoreDrive via @EgoTripLand via @DrewUnga]

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