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18 Oddly Sexy Stories You May Have Missed in 2012

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By Greg Seals on December 10, 2012

2012 was a pretty sexy year, but there were some silent sleepers in the news cycle this year. Here are the most overlooked oddly sexy stories from this year, guaranteed to make your ball(s) drop before 2013.

1. We met the woman with two vaginas and the man with two penises, who were the sexiest couple of the 19th century.

2. This 22-year-old webcam performer filmed herself masturbating in Cornell University’s engineering library.

3. Don’t miss these 10 conservatives cruising for gay sex at CPAC.

4. Not everyone was dripping with excitement over this year’s softcore literotica: Here are 10 good reasons ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ made my vagina shrivel up and die.

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5. 5 gay porn actors who look like One Direction. You’re welcome.

6. #TeamBJNBA: Since the Miami Heat brought the championship home for Florida, these two porn stars promised to fellate their followers for showing good sportsmanship. And it actually happened.

7. We discovered that Corn Flakes inventor John Kellogg wanted to sew your foreskin shut with silver wire.

8. Revenge of the Nerds: The chubby dude From ‘Project X’ starred in Bang Bros’ ‘nerd hunting’ porn.

9. Giving a dick in a box is not nice when you’re a hamburger chain.

10. Just plain cruel, Tom Daley openly taunted his legions of gay fans not once, but twice this year.

11. This New York woman held a topless prostest around the city for the right to bare bear boobs.

12. Adventures in Cockblocking: Mom blocks 15-year-old son’s tanning booth hookup with half-naked woman.

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13. The case against the former NBA cheerleader turned teacher accused of having sex with her student ended with a climax.

14. Get a glimpse at the world’s oldest profession, what it was like being a gay-for-pay Craigslist prostitute.

15. Matthew Mitcham taunted Twitter fans with promises of naked diving.

16. Paulina Gretzky, daughter of Wayne, showed off her ‘Great Ones’ on Instagram.

17. Literotica: 9 Smutty Passages From Classic Books

18. In support of Harry’s Vegas debacle, naked people saluting Prince Harry: the definitive gallery.

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