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Tri-Winning: Two Musical Odes to Charlie Sheen

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By HVentertainment on March 1, 2011

There’s been a noticeable absence of auto-tune on Charlie Sheen’s recent media blitz. Sure we’ve got soundboards, quote generators, cats quoting Sheen, e-cards and about 12 dozen other meme hoppers circling the carcass, but usually the auto-tune crew pounces quickly.

Rest easy, though. In lieu of the genre that at first was cool but has now killed the very spirit of living, we’ve got some real musical tributes to Everybody’s Favorite Winner. Up first, the fast-rappin’ and pale Mac Lethal drops “Tiger Blood (Charlie Sheen Wins)” on us. You think it’s fast. Then it goes crazy fast. Also, tons of bonus points, kudos and thumbs up for original lyrics like “Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, half man, half horse, half machine” and “bones made of compressed methamphetamine” mixed in with the Sheenisms. Damn good stuff, that.

New York City-based trio Apollo Run also took a run at winning, likely becoming the first band to put the incumbent Mayor of Awesometown’s rantings into song:

Not that there needs to be competition amongst these individual and unique tributes, but which one did you like better? Weigh in below in the comments…

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