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Where Occupy Wall Street Headlines Come From



By HVvids
October 27, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Before we even begin, don’t forget to check out Headlines That Suck

Ever wonder what the major differences are between various media publications? Somehow, using Occupy Wall Street as a riffing point, the gang over at humor video site, Jest, were able to poke a little fun and reveal some honest truths about the obvious differences between media outlets ranging from the New York Times to The New Yorker to Fox News to The Huffington Post to Maxim. No matter, get on it:

The video takes you behind the scenes, satirically at least, as the same three employees (amazing how they can work for all those publications!) come up with the #OWS-related headlines for a solid list of publications. Wait, do people still read Maxim?!

That’s probably eerily accurate, especially where the New York Post is concerned. Then again, they do have the best headlines in the business.

Once again, a reminder, don’t forget to check out Headlines That Suck

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