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Wait, Grandpa Left You What in His Will?!?

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By HVvids on December 1, 2011

We have no idea whether this video is real or not — real in the sense that the story is true. It’s likely fake. But it’s absolutely hilarious, and we don’t want to ruin the surprise of this deceased elderly gentleman (the diabeetus finally got him) reading off a video will to his family.

It starts off normally enough, with the deceased doling out his Arizona timeshare to his daughter, his home and money to his wife…but then his son gets an unexpected surprise. Like, one of those surprises that changes the very fabric of how you view your grandfather forever.

Click the pic below (or the link above) to be transported to Hilarityville.

We only hope we have the stones to go out like this guy. If this is really real. We hope it is. It’s likely not. We’re just going to pretend that it is. Otherwise we’d be crushed.

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