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[VIDEO] YouTube Caption Fail

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By HVvids on August 30, 2011

This Rhett and Link video hit the Internet way back in January, but thanks to Metafilter we’re just seeing it for the first time. It may be new to you, too. The premise is clever enough to seem almost obvious: use the YouTube closed-caption button to create a hilarious game of digital telephone.

Check it out:

While that’s really funny, if you want to go Inception up in that joint, then turn on the transcribe audio caption button during this video to read something a bit different from what’s being said.

The only annoying aspect of this video is that Rhett and Linked gamed the system for a maximum return on investment. They spoke incredibly fast, slurred their words, mumbled, and failed to articulate their script. Of course, speaking slowly so the computer can better understand their speech patterns wouldn’t nearly be as funny.

It also highlights the problem of using computer-generated captioning in the real world. Rhett and Link don’t speak any differently than most videos uploaded to YouTube. In that sense, they point out just how much more work Google needs to put into this technology.

It’ll be awesome when the day comes and this speech recognition is up to snuff though.

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