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[VIDEO] Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a Fight on the Mean Streets of New York

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By HVentertainment on August 22, 2011

It’s hard to decide what’s the craziest thing about this video that two girls filmed of a quasi-fight in NYC. For starters, it seems to be over stolen paintings. Then, it’s not really much of a fight, at least in terms of the Internet. If we’re handing out grades, the fight itself would score about a four out of ten on the excitement scale.

But. Out of nowhere Ryan Gosling shows up like a freakin’ superhero to break up the fight that nobody seems much interested in breaking up. The girls squeal like little girls should do in the presence of a “movie star” and the actor guy from The Notebook really does save the day. Out of nowhere. He’s like a ninja thief in the night.

It’s amazing, really. You can watch this vid as many times as you’d like and still you cannot determine where he comes from. Perhaps he rose from the manhole cover or sewer grate like a Ninja Turtle?

Still, what in god’s good name is Ryan Gosling wearing? No, honestly? He’s a fashion train-wreck. Frank Sinatra would have shot himself before being seen in an outfit like that.

Explain again why the girls were just filming a lame fight and laughing as if they’d never seen a fight over stolen paintings before? It’d be one thing if they cut in on Ryan Gosling saving the day in an effort to catch it on video, but it’s a good 30 seconds before Mr. Notebook even shows up.

Anyway, this really just confirms that Ryan Gosling is the bestest.

(Via ONTD)

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