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VIDEO: Gordon-Levitt Stars as Action Hero Bike Messenger in ‘Premium Rush’ Trailer

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By HVentertainment on September 16, 2011

In Premium Rush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a NYC bike messenger who prefers the “fixed gear no brake” approach to riding in the city. He gets caught up in a nefarious plot by a gang of evil Asians and a mustache-twirling Michael Shannon (sans mustache, of course) playing a corrupt cop.

Sure, it looks stereotypical, but if this thing is just one 90-minute bike chase scene throughout Manhattan, then we can get down with that. Still, the cast looks top-notch, and having an action flick based around a bike messenger could either be a huge payoff or end up turning into Gleaming the Cube Part Dos. Better yet, will this thing turn out to be a thrilling sequel to the Bacon-infused Quicksilver?

Premium Rush was written and directed by David Koepp and hits theaters January 12, 2012.

The film isn’t without minor controversy. San Francisco novelist Joe Quirk, whose novel “The Ultimate Rush” seems to be the basis of the movie, claims his novel was basically stolen by Sony Pictures — including characters, plot, etc. — and won’t see a dime from this movie. Sadder still, there doesn’t seem to be much he can do about it, and he can’t afford the lawyer costs to bring a lawsuit against them.

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