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VIDEO: Anthony Jeselnik Annihilates the Roast of Donald Trump

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By HVentertainment on March 16, 2011

Never heard of this guy? We hadn’t either. But he’s on the radar now.

Anthony Jeselnik is a 32-year-old stand-up comedian who apparently had earned a big enough break to appear on the dais of performers at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. It’d be a shame to spoil any of his jokes that follow in this video, but just to give you a feel for humor, try this one: “Whitney Cummings is one of the hottest acts in comedy right now…for no reason whatsoever. I mean, Whitney has had more undeserved opportunities than a Native American applying for college.” Like that one? That’s the tamest most printable one in the bunch. They escalate. And kill.

Watch him go to work on Marlee Matlin, Snoop Dogg, The Situation, and The Donald.

For all that hysterical joke prep, his best delivered line might be the ad lib to The Situation: “great job, by the way.” Subtle, clever. If you haven’t seen footage of Mike Sorrentino bombing like nobody’s ever bombed at one of these roasts, make sure you do so now. It was so bad Ice-T made this face:

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