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Twitter Account “Sh!t Girls Say” Now a Web Series

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By HVentertainment on December 12, 2011

With all things novelty on the Internet — single serving sites, Tumblrs page, whatever — the fun is in discovering the site for the first time, binging on it for an afternoon and promptly forgetting it exists.

Those novelty sites eventually become books, or, in the case of Shit My Dad Says, a book and a TV show. Just ask William Shatner how difficult it is to translate the novelty into something more enjoyable.

Shit Girls Say is one of the best Twitter accounts going. Yes, it’s a novelty Twitter account, but now it’s also a comedy web series. It’s lovingly misogynistic.

Will the series itself become a novelty? Maybe. The first episode, featuring Juliette Lewis and written by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, is nothing more than a series of hilarious one-liners. Funny, yes, but there’s no plot to speak of, and it’ll be extremely difficult to keep this fresh.

Still, it’s got Juliette Lewis in it, and “Do I look like a doily?” absolutely slayed us.

Alright, so yeah, that’s pretty funny.

(via Hairpin)

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