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This Knight Rider-Backed Aussie Beer Commercial Rules

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By HVvids on June 8, 2011

Dr. Charles Hahn established the Hahn Brewery in Sydney, Australia in 1986. About a decade later the company released its Super Dry low-carb brand. About a half-decade after that — last week, in fact — the company released an ad that’s so good it’s got people from all over the world outside Australia craving a Hahn. Australians are asking why. No need, mate.

Set to the Knight Rider theme, this masterful bit of advertising that takes you through how “Super goes in, Super Dry comes out” features some Bruce Lee kicks, some ’80s wigs, some giant Elvis suits, some wicked drumming, some DeLorean monster trucking and some of the coolest cats in the land.

This is how it’s done. This is fantastic:

It’s getting to the point where a Knight Rider Theme back can make anything awesome.

(via b3ta via The Daily What)

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