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The X Factor: Simon Cowell Reminds People Why They Liked American Idol

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By HVentertainment on July 13, 2011

During the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday night, Fox aired a promo for their soon-to-be megahit, The X Factor. Aside from the fact that the trailer runs just a bit too long and the curious decision to release the promo during a baseball game (it would seem unlikely there is true audience crossover), the promo does everything it should to generate buzz.

You might even say, Fox hit a home run with it. HarHar. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Kudos to Fox for knowing exactly what it is that people miss about Simon Cowell. We need him on that jerk wall, we want him on that jerk wall, protecting us from our own bad tastes.

The X Factor comes off a bit like American Idol 2.0, featuring Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, and guest Cheryl Cole as the judges. Really, this is just missing Randy “Yo Dawg” Jackson, and we can’t help but feeling like record exec L.A. Reid is supposed to be the Randy Jackson stand in.

With that said, it feels like the show expands on the American Idol blueprint, but instead of just solo singers of the teenage/college age persuasion, the new Cowell show is allowing music groups, solo singers, and people of all ages to compete. It feels like the logical extension of Idol.

As long as Cowell is doing his brutally honest jerk schtick on the show people are going to tune it. The X Factor drops September 21. Can’t imagine what this will do to the original American Idol once X Factor begins airing. But Idol looks positively staid and dated after watching this trailer.

Would Fox really kill their golden goose in favor of a shinier golden goose? What’s the plan? One airs in the fall and winter and the other airs in the spring and summer? Guess that makes sense.

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