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The Life and Times of Betty White

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By HVentertainment on November 9, 2011

Betty White is a freakin’ machine. The 89-year-old actress has had more work in her octogenarian years than most Hollywood actors and actresses enjoy in their entire lifetimes.

The Golden Girl’s resurgence came after hosting Saturday Night Live in 2010, making her the oldest guest host in the show’s storied history. But there are some other fun facts and figures about White you may not know — like the fact that she now holds the record for the longest gap between Emmy nominations (60 years! Her first came in 1951, her most recent in 2011). Impressive.

Now, thanks to this handy infographic, there’s much more to know.

[Infographic by Assisted Living Facilities]

It’s hard to tell whether it’s hilarious or just morbid that this handy infogaphic together about Betty White was put together by “Assisted Living Facilities.”

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