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The Cake Boss Parody You’ve Been Waiting For

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By HVvids on September 29, 2011

Of the 613 cake-related shows on cable television, Cake Boss has planted itself atop the hierarchy. With its lovable eye-tals and tortured syntax and over-use of cereal treats and fondant, Buddy and the Family Valastro over at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey are a firm part of the dessert zeitgeist.

And, yet, for a show so ripe for parody, they’ve been totally untouched. Saturday Night Live used to be the home of such parody, but that kind of good-natured ribbing can only be found on the Internet now. Enter Dan De Lorenzo and Ben Stumpf, who have been quietly mastering the art of the note-perfect spoof (take one look at The Man Without a Facebook and you’ll see the kind of chops these guys have).

The duo this week debuted “It’s a Cake,” which sees Buddy and his cousins making cakes for people, whether they want them or not. Now dat’s a cake! Watch it:

It just doesn’t get better than “So we took a mop, and we covered it in cereal treats and fondant.”

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