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Live-Action Archie: ‘Riverdale’ Is Best Fake Film Trailer Ever Made

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By HVentertainment on February 25, 2011

UPDATE: Check out our interview with ‘Riverdale’ producers.

Your entire childhood is about to be either destroyed or validated.

As the song goes, “The gang’s all here. So, let’s all cheer.” Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie and the rest of the comic book gang all show up in Riverdale, the amazingly well-executed, not-for-profit, fan-made, live-action adaptation of the Archie comics.

The good folks at Cross Eyed Bear Comedy say “Riverdale is a fan-trailer responding to the common trend of ‘gritty’ remakes of popular franchises…If there are still any doubts as to the legitimacy of this trailer, be assured that this is a not-for-profit project produced purely for fun.” Now, watch:

According to the YouTube description, “Riverdale was produced with the help of almost 100 Craigslist volunteers from the Vancouver film industry. We produced this and the 10 other comedic videos on a budget of $3,500 over a weekend. The Craigslist and random nature of this production brought the director and his girlfriend together. It also united the executive producer’s wife with her long lost friend/boyfriend when she recognized him playing the character of Moose.”

Archie with some Cruel Intentions…The Internets are seriously awesome.

(More info on the official site, famfilmblog. Video h/t The Province)

UPDATE: Check out our interview with Riverdale producer Nathan Lusignan.

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