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Shopping for Idiots: Two Men Write Each Other’s Shopping Lists, Head to Target

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By HVvids on December 1, 2011

While the rest of America packed their pepper spray and headed out to Walmart for Black Friday, jokesters Greg Benson and Ryan Smith made shopping lists for each other and beelined to Target.

Great set-up. Watch what happens when each man, armed with the other’s nonsensical lists, approach Target employees to ask for help finding things like “daddy butter” and “Mormon disco balls.”

Watching each one of these pranksters hold back their laughter as they ask for help is good enough to make even the most serious man bust a wide smile watching this experience.

Note to inventors: Get your patents ready, for the world would be a better place with disposable slacks, toddler size shark cages, turtle mix, caramel yak and ankle grease.

And if you’re not good with patent applications, here’s a note to Photoshoppers: WE NEED AN OIL PAINTING OF CIRCUS CLOWNS STORMING THE BEACH AT NORMANDY RIGHT NOW.

(via Reddit)

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