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Old Friends Return for ‘Weekend Update Joke Off’

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By HVentertainment on December 18, 2011

A strip club in Chicago recently announced an intriguingly sexy promotion for the holiday season: bring a toy, get a free lap dance. The Admiral Theatre’s body-barter program certainly provides a different image than the traditional picture of sitting on a bearded old guy’s lap around Christmas.

The Admiral actually offered the same promotion last year. The local Chicagoist reported the club brought “five car loads” of toys to churches in Albany Park. Success.

The premise, as charitable as it may be, is ripe for comedy. Headlines That Suck posted the story last week, and this accurately raunchy punchline won the day:

But there’s much more comedy in them there hills. On Saturday night’s SNL, ex-news anchors Amy Poehler and Tina Fey joined Seth Meyers and host Jimmy Fallon on the set for a “Weekend Update Joke Off” about the strip club’s promotion. Three things you’ll notice: 1) It’s impossible not to love these four comedians, 2) The mock buzzer noises are the best part, and 3) That last joke sounds awfully familiar!

What’s your favorite line from the Joke Off? Our vote, for obvious reasons, is clearly cast for the last one, but kudos to Fallon’s “strippers are damaged” and Poehler’s “Tickle Me Brenda” lines.

SNL also weighed in on Tebowmania, bringing Jesus into the Denver Broncos locker room for a chat with the team. Jesus, tired of rescuing them in the 4th quarter, urged Tebow to read the playbook, stretch and “take it down a notch” with the adoration. He also told the team what he dopes all day: “I just go where people call me the most. Nowadays that’s a lot of football games, also the Country Music Awards, I decide all of those. I’m right there at any black event where food is served.”

SNL has had some serious comedy misses this season, but Saturday gave us two big hits.

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