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Now This is How You Make a “Don’t Text and Talk” Movie Theater PSA

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By HVentertainment on June 7, 2011

The Alamo Drafthouse, which was started by Tim League, is long regarded as the country’s best movie theater chain. League is essentially a cinephile and cares about the movie-going experience for his customers. They serve restaurant quality food and beer, their programming is bar none amongst the best in the country, and sure, they care about the quality of their projection.

But perhaps best of all, the theater as a no-texting/no-talking policy. “They take it seriously and walk the walk, ejecting patrons that break policy without a refund,” says Eric Vespe (Quint at AICN).

As Vespe points out, when an angry customer phoned Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Theater to complain about the establishment’s no-texting policy, they turned her angry, grammar-challenged rant into a “Don’t Talk or Text” PSA which they intend to play before all R-rated movies (R, for saucy language).

The girl, who happens to sound an awful lot like Megan Fox, was warned twice before being kicked out.

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