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Nickelback Responds to NFL Thanksgiving Petition

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By HVentertainment on November 22, 2011

There’s really two ways to think about this Funny or Die video of Nickelback’s making light of the reality that pretty much everyone on the Internet hates everything about them, and specifically the entire city of Detroit that doesn’t want them to play at halftime of Thursday’s game against the Packers.

On the one hand, let’s begrudgingly admit that Chad Kroeger and Co. just pulled a Jedi mind trick, and for the briefest moment somehow, inexplicably, made everyone like them.

On the other hand, “I’d be more willing to like them if they’d done Detroit a solid and bowed out of performing at halftime of the Lions this coming Thursday, as I respectfully asked them to do. So no, they will get no love from this guy,” counters The Cajun Boy at Uproxx.

Paul Sheer might have something to do with why this video works. But if Nickelback shows up to the Lions game and does anything less than perform in costume as Robocop, Dave Coulier, Tom Selleck and Alice Cooper while ripping off three or four classic tunes from the Detroit canon — we’re thinking a Motown medley, something from Iggy Pop, a rock n’roll version of an Eminem song, and perhaps an MC5 song — then we’ll just end up hating them even more.

Nickelback just set impossibly high standards for its Turkey Day halftime show. When was the last time you ever thought Nickelback would have standards? Never. That’s when.

Sadly, you know how Thursday is going to play out — Nickelback performing a few of their own songs to a lackluster crowd trying to stave off the tryptophan coma.

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