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Live from Japan, It’s Saturday Niiiiiiiiight

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By HVentertainment on June 9, 2011

We really can’t wait for Japan’s stereotype-embracing version of “Tiny Asian Dick in a Box.”

NBC must be raking in the yen. Not only did Japan import 30 Rock and produce a hilarious opening credits sequence, but now the country recently rolled out its own version of Saturday Night Live.

Hosting duties of the premiere episode fell to Koji Imada and Akashiya Sanma (with special guest Takashi Okamura and musical guest Ken Hirai). The show, from all accounts, uses similar sets, but it appeared to be more slapstick-heavy than political commentary.

As Axiom notes, a live sketch-comedy show deviates from the norm: “The show will air monthly and is sticking to the live feed performance style which is a relatively new angle in contrast to the heavily edited variety shows popular in Japan.” Here are the opening credits:

Well, if Alec Baldwin doesn’t run for mayor of New York City, it looks like there’s a gig he can book.

(via Splitsider)

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