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Lindsay Lohan and Billy Joel, Both Terrible Drivers, Now Linked Forever

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By HVentertainment on September 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan and Billy Joel are both terrible drivers, and now they have one more thing in common. According to TMZ, everyone’s favorite Hollywood trainwreck, LiLo, has gotten the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “I Go To Extremes” tattooed on her right side, just below her sagging side boob.

Weird, right? Don’t know the song off the top of your head? No worries. The Storm Front-era Joel wasn’t his best. Actually, we’d all probably be best to just forget it.

This is the song, right here:

LiLo rolled over to her favorite L.A. tattoo shop — Shamrock Tattoos — this week and got the words “Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife I feel like I’m in the prime of my life” inked on her rib cage. It’s unclear if the tattoo shop ran out of ink before they could add the song’s chorus, “don’t know why I go to extremes, too high or too low, there ain’t no inbetweens.”

Given LiLo’s history, this seems somehow more apropos than some ink about being in the prime of her life, which everyone knows happened around Mean Girls. Check out her ink.

Lindsay got the ink because “it represented where she is in life and everything she’s been through … it signifies that she’s focused.” Right.

Anyway, this isn’t necessarily news that anyone should care about. Except that, it strikes us as funny that Lohan got a Billy Joel tattoo. And not the awesome, late ’70s coke-fueled Billy Joel either. She went with the boozy, late-80s Billy Joel. At the very least, Lohan should be commended for her unusual and ballsy move.

We just want to know what she has against “River of Dreams?” Or would that be an obvious signal that she was two weeks away from permanently calling it quits on life?

Also, would it be appropriate to suggest that Billy Joel could get the lyrics of a Linsday Lohan song tattooed on his rib cage?

Think about it: “Daughter to father, daughter to father, I’m am crying, a part of me is dying, these are the confession of a broken heart.”

That would totally kill on Billy Joel’s bicep.

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