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Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Little Kids Again Over Terrible Christmas Presents

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By HVentertainment on December 13, 2011

Way back around the time of Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel managed to trick his kids into thinking he ate all their candy. Then, not content with merely messing with his own kids, Kimmel somehow convinced the parents of America to collectively trick all of their kids into thinking their Halloween candy was gone.

Round two of this special art of kid-trolling features Kimmel pulling the same holiday prank, but this time he’s substituted terrible Christmas presents for missing Halloween candy.

This time around, the kids act better than you would imagine, proving the old adage that sometimes a rotten banana or a cartoon of eggs or a cardboard box really is the best present a little kid can get.

And just in case you missed it back on Halloween, here’s the same first round of parental trolling.

We hope Kimmel keeps this tradition going by having boyfriends fake propose to their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, trolling drunken college kids on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, burning flags outside the offices of GOP Congressmen on Independence Day and so forth.

There is significantly untapped potential for this skit being a year-round endeavor.

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