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Jimmy Fallon & Friends: The Pro Bowl Shuffle

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By HVsports on January 8, 2011

Just before the Chicago Bears’ dominating 46-10 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX, the Chicago Bears Shuffling Crew recorded a synth-backed rap song that’s lived in music and sports immortality over the past 25 years. The bravado-laced song sold more than 500,000 copies and rose to number 41 on the charts, and it also raised $300,000 for charity.

Two and a half decades later the gang over at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon updated the classic, cranking out another one of its clever sketches: The Pro Bowl Shuffle. The clip stars Fallon as Tom Brady, Will Arnett as Brett Favre, Bashir Salahuddin as Mike Vick, A.D. Miles as Eli Manning and Horatio Sanz as Troy Palomalu. As has been the case for years now, Fallon’s got the goods:

The original Super Bowl Shuffle:


BRETT FAVRE (Will Arnett)
Well they call me Brett and I like to dance
Then I text you a picture of what’s in my pants
11 Pro Bowls cuz I love to win
Been with more pro teams than a Kardashian
If you hear me say, that I’m retired
that just means I’m currently for hire
I shop at sears and I’m on a roll
Shufflin’ on down to another Pro Bowl

I’m the funky QB they call Tom Brady
if you saw me from the back, you’d think I was a lady
cuz my hair’s so long that it might deceive ya
Get it cut the same place as Justin Bieber
All-American with looks to boot
Every night I see Gisele in her birthday suit
Like Homer Simpson got a face full of stubble
So I look good doing the Pro Bowl shuffle

A-bow-wow-wow-yippee yo yippee yay
It’s your boy Mike Vick here to save the day
Had to go to jail cuz my homeboy snitched
Then learned a new meaning for the word *WHISTLE*
I could run it or throw it, to score a goal
I just wish they’d let me play in the Puppy Bowl
Stop barking bad about me or you’ll get the muzzle
Cuz I just wanna do the Pro Bowl shuffle


Uh huh…uh huh…uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.

(super high voice)
Well they call me Troy
and spelling my name is hard to do
If you really want, to be, just like me
Well use more shampoo than a sorority
I’ll hit you so hard, I’ll rock your world
My hair looks like a big-assed jerry curl
I do the Pro-Bowl shuffle with a flip
Then I whip my hair like Willow Smith

Eli Manning in the house
the same place I’ll be watching the Super Bowl this year
You know my brother Peyton, I’m sure you do
I’ve been livin’ in his shadow since I was two
Playing for Giants is pretty neat
I love ’em even more than Rex Ryan loves feet
I won the Super Bowl a few years ago
Now the Pro Bowl shuffle is all I know

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