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Is This Sketch Offensive? SNL Transgender Commercial Draws Ire of GLAAD

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By HVentertainment on January 31, 2011

Comedy’s tough these days — just ask Ricky Gervais in the aftermath of the Golden Globes. Someone or some group is offended by everything, whether they have a right to be or not. In these hyper-sensitive times, it’s damn near impossible to do or say anything without pissing a few people off along the way.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is demanding an apology from Saturday Night Live after a sketch called “Estro-Maxxx.” The SNL sketch is a fake commercial for a estrogen supplement called Estro-Maxx, said to get rid of unwanted male genitals with just one pill a day. It featured men with facial hair and fake breasts wearing women’s clothing representing transgender women.

This is where the issue gets, well, hairy.

Many are saying the segment was transphobic and cannot be defended because there was no real joke behind it. GLAAD on its blog said “The attempted comedy of the skit hinges solely on degrading the lives and experiences of transgender women. Dehumanizing holding people up for ridicule simply on the basis of their identity fuels a dangerous and hurtful climate and puts people in danger, especially given how infrequently the media shines a fair and accurate light on the lives of transgender people.”

GLAAD has asked NBC and Comcast (of which NBC is a subsidiary) for an apology. It is also requesting the companies remove the segment from Hulu and all future airings.

As fans of both non-PC sketch comedy and mainstreaming homosexuality, we don’t see the problem. But watch the video for yourself and tell us what you think. Is this sketch offensive and transphobic, or does GLAAD have their unisex panties in a bunch for no good reason?

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