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Huh-ff Post Blogger Compares Winehouse to Small Business

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on July 25, 2011

It seems like everyone has an opinion on the sudden death of 27-year-old English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. Some people want to play “Told ya so!” Some people want to sound the alarm on addiction. Some people want to say goodbye to a friend. And one Huffington Post blogger wants to use this educational opportunity to teach you about…small business? Yup.

Tricia Fox, who bills herself as an “Award Winning Entrepreneur & Marketer,” took Saturday’s opportunity to peddle some SEO’d nonsense about brand-building in an incredibly specious piece of non-reasoning called “Amy Winehouse’s Untimely Death Is a Wake Up Call for Small Business Owners.”

Fox started off making sense, throwing out a strong news hook and some non-judgment:

It would be terribly remiss of me not to blog about the untimely death of the 27 year-old British singer Amy Winehouse today.

Unlike others, I won’t be picking apart her chosen lifestyle, nor will I be judging her. She made her own choices and, although it would appear that these choices ultimately led to her death, they were hers to make.

But then her absent logic began to rear its ugly head:

For small business owners there is, however, a lot to be learned from Amy’s untimely death.

Wait, what? There is literally nothing to be learned for small business owners from this sad passing. No matter how hard she tries — “you are the product,” “There are so many parallels here in business,” “This is the business equivalent of being booed off stage” — Fox’s attempt to connect the dots is about as successful as a slow toddler playing the game on a diner placemat.

There is no amount of blockquoting, excerpting or italicizing that could do this piece justice, so either click over there and read it or take our word for it. But incredibly, Fox doesn’t see the problem with comparing the perils and joys of running a small business to being a multi-platinum entertainer with addiction issues. She sounded off in the comments section after a predictable maelstrom of WTF:

Response to this blog in the UK has been positive. Response from the USA has been negative. I’m not sure why different nationalit­ies have recieved the blog differentl­y.

Alright, Huffington Post, the challenge is on. Can you wrangle up some more bloggers to crank out these straw-grasping stories that we’ve identified as brilliant ideas?

–Norway’s Response to Anti-Immigrant Terrorist Psychos Could Lead to a Better You
–What the Debt Ceiling Negotiations Can Teach You About Your Partner’s Libido
–Why the Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal May Affect Your Plan for Six Pack Abs
–The NFL’s New CBA Agreement Can Be Your Guide to a Richer Rubber Band Collection
–China’s Rise to Superpower Status Can Be a Boon for Fans of Rizzoli & Isles
–Marriage Equality in New York is a Wake Up Call for Geeks Traveling to San Diego’s Comic Con … Something Something SPIDER-MAN FOOTAGE” (VIDEO! PICS!)

Alright, Huffington Post bloggers. You’ve got your marching orders. Make it work.

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