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Howard Stern Live-Tweets Private Parts Commentary

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By HVentertainment on February 12, 2011

Nobody’s mastered Twitter as quickly as Howard Stern. But that’s really no surprise, and it’s to be expected from the man who calls himself the King of All Media.

Now he’s the King of All Social Media.

Stern only joined Twitter earlier this month, but in the span of less than two weeks he’s amassed more than 240,000 followers. Any of them who happened to be following his twitter feed today would have been glued for more than an hour, when he live-tweeted behind-the-scenes commentary while watching Private Parts, his 1997 autobiographical film.

The SiriusXM Satellite Radio host and “Lord of Fart Manor” posted a random tweet — “If u r watching private parts the general manager was really like this and that outdoor shot is the real radio station” — while watching the movie, and what followed could only be classified as perfecting social media.

Re-posted in its entirety here — like Twitter, in reverse — is Stern’s full feed for mote than an hour on Saturday. The best two nuggets? “Pig Vomit” was “Pig Virus” in real life, and Mary McCormack, his on-screen wife, went down to the street to smoke a cigarette in her pregnant suit to freak people out. There’s some truly great stuff here.


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