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Hong Kong Debuts 3D Erotic Film

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By HVculture on April 15, 2011

When it comes down to it, the porn industry has always been a bellweather for advances in technology. They were the first to embrace VHS, DVDs and online streaming.

As the San Fernando Valley goes, so too does Hollywood.

Oddly, the porn industry has been behind the times in embracing both HD and 3D, perhaps…ew, just gross. No one trying to fap wants to be inundated by herpes sores or razer burn.

The real reason, though, is that shooting in HD and 3D is expensive, requires special equipment and lighting and is just not cost prohibitive when trying to film the latest gonzo episode of Jizz of My Glasses.

One studio on Hong Kong is trying to change all that with a new 3D erotic film. Director Christopher Sun hopes there will be an audience for his new movie Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, which is a sequel to a movie his father directed in 1991, which went on to be Hong Kong’s highest-grossing adult film.

“What we’re going to expect is that people don’t take it as an erotic or any gross thing to look at,” Sun said, according to Reuters. “Try to take it as an entertaining movie for adults.”

The film, which was released on April 14 and cost $3 million to make, is based on the ancient Chinese erotic text “The Carnal Prayer Mat.” The period drama follows the adventures of a young Duke and his royal orgies. The premiere of the movie drew hundreds of spectators, but if Sun hopes to make a profit from it, it’ll be because of the Chinese tourists.

The film, which began production last August in a shabby film studio on the leafy fringes of Hong Kong, uses slapstick comedy and an amusing script to offset some of the more explicit sex scenes and occasional shocking violence.

Seven simultaneous premiere screenings took place in central Hong Kong, and Sun said he hopes it will run for over a month. This would take in both the Easter and the crucial May Day holiday, seen as key for one target audience – Chinese tourists. The Chinese government has engaged in a long-term crackdown on smut, and movies with sexual content are generally banned.

“We have already drawn a lot of tourists and also I say they are actually ordinary Chinese people. Of course they are adults,” Sun said. “There’s no way to show this film there in China so they just come by and try to watch it.”

Taiwanese newspapers reported that at least five tour groups from mainland China had already made reservations to see the film during the May Day holiday.

As one viewer put it, the film is more of a romantic movie with “a lot of sexual scenes just coming in between.” As for the U.S. porn industry, well Hustler is attempting a 3D porn-parody of Avatar, but most companies are content with business as usual.

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