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Hide Ya TV: Antoine Dodson’s Getting a Reality Show

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By HVentertainment on January 24, 2011

Well, you knew this one was coming eventually, right?

The most exploited-yet-amusing emerging non-talent of 2010 has extended his 15 minutes into 15 hours, and 15 hours into 15 days, begging the question: Has anyone turned the attempted rape of his sister into a more successful pop cultural breakthrough?

Now Dodson is going to try to drag it out even longer. The “star,” who rose to fame through his infamous Internet video and the subsequent auto-tuned song made from his eyewitness report, has gotten the go ahead to film a pilot for a reality show.

According to Mashable: The show will center around Dodson and his family as they move across the country from their housing project in Alabama to Hollywood and around Dodson’s desire to “leveraging every aspect he can to make a better life for his family,” according to producer Entertainment One. The producers may also consider issuing a musical offering from Dodson in the future.

Dodson joins the illustrious ranks of Tila Tequila and a few select others might turn Internet success into success on television. Our definition of success is really getting stretched, it seems.

For those who loved his video Antoine Dodson’s proven to be the gift that keeps on giving with a Christmas version of his song on Lopez TonightNYU’s a capella versionan ad for a sex offender trackera live performance at the BET awards, and even a choir version of the song by Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. He’s gotten rich since the summer though the proceeds from the iTunes version of his song and being paid for his appearances.

He recently accepted an award for best Internet meme from Mashable and gave an interview in Las Vegas. That’s when he made the reality show announcement. Check it out here:

So now we’re lucky enough to have even more Dodson, possibly for years to come. How long before America gets sick of hiding ya kids and ya wife? Are we there already?

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