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Internet Gold: God is Doing a Nu Thang Through Michael Clancy

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By HVvids on May 3, 2011

UPDATE: We caught up with Clancy 19 years later…here’s our exclusive interview.

Somehow Michael Clancy survived the making of this clip, which features the young tyke spitting some Jesus Christ flow, while wearing MC Hammer pants to the tune of DC Talks’ “Nu Thang.”

It’s hard to fathom anyone making a clip like this, having it end up on YouTube and surviving with their dignity intact. The snarky bully that is the Internet delights in finding clips like this.

It’s possible that a young Michael Clancy went to Christian school, and so back in the day this clip made him a star. But if he’s out there in the real world, working in a cubicle and doin’ his nu thang, it’s possible that the last few days of his life just got a whole lot more tease-ier.

Just look at his swag! It’s undeniable. Jesus was probably looking down from Heaven and smiling at his young protégé. Nu thang, indeed.

But a strange thing happened as the video gained popularity. A YouTube user by the name of “lawforthemasses” popped into the comments discussion with a few starting revelations.

“Well, I’ve been dreading this day for 19 years, but it’s finally come back to bite me. This is Michael Clancy from this video and although it makes me laugh and also cry to watch myself (and my awesome Hammer Pants and Wal-Mart pump shoes) I have to take it in good stride. What am I doing today? 1) I am an attorney; 2) I did stay a Chrisian (although I try not to rap about it anymore); and 3) I still like DC Talk. Please go easy on me or else I’ll get picked up by Daniel Tosh!”

But, it didn’t stop there. Sure, it was unverified if this was the actual Michael Clancy, but the comments kept coming.

“These comments are really making me seriously consider making a web redemption…and putting the pants out of retirement. Thanks for the love (and hate because they make me laugh).”

Oh gosh, that would be amazing. He should totally beat Tosh to the punch and just film the video himself and upload it to YouTube. But throw some ads on there so you get paid. And yes, if you’re wondering, he still has mad love for DC Talk.

“Wow, it’s funny to see how many people are hating on me for being an eager 10 year old rapping to one of my favorite bands at the time, DC Talk. As a 29 year old, I can help but laugh my butt off and what’s funny is I still know every word to this song. Keep the comments flowing.”

You really have to give him massive kudos for taking this all in stride.

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