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Hear The Beautiful Combination of Hip-Hop-Cello-Beatboxing

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By HVentertainment on April 18, 2011

There are some disparate things in life that you would naturally assume don’t go well together. Beatboxing and the cello might be near the top of that list. Yet, in the hands of Kevin Olusola, he takes the two musical forms — the classical and the urban — and creates something unique and interesting.

Here he is interpreting Mark Summer’s composition “Julie-O.”

Olusola is a Kentucky-born musician who’s mastered both the cello and the saxophone. He attended Yale and has performed at Carnegie Hall, but perhaps more impressive to the average person he has opened for both Drake and KRS-One.

It’s not hard to imagine a musician like Olusola coming about, given the musical stew we live in. It’s possible for a person to be raised equally on bluegrass, Chinese folk, jazz, hip-hop and classical music and combine all of those different styles into something that is simultaneously familiar and unknown.

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