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Freddie Mercury Reincarnated as This Guy

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By HVentertainment on September 22, 2011

To celebrate his rock band’s 40th anniversary, Queen drummer Roger Taylor is offering singers across North America the chance to upload a video to QueenExtravaganza for a chance to ditch their day job and become a rock star. It’s not the most rock n’ roll thing a band can do when hoping to replace the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury, but thems the times we live in, kids.

One entrant submitted a video of himself singing “Somebody to Love,” and it’s pretty much safe to say the contest is over. This dude’s so good he can be accused of lip syncing.

Now, nobody’s Freddie Mercury. But that’s insanely close. For comparison’s sake, take a listen to Freddie Mercury singing “Don’t Stop Me Now,” possibly the most underrated up-tempo rock song ever.

Internet sleuths on YouTube and Reddit traced this singer back to a Christian rock band called Downhere, though that band’s songs sound nothing like Queen’s. Their lead singer, Marc Martel, clearly can sing in a variety of styles. Here’s a Downhere original.

And here’s Martel singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in 2008:

Stepping in for Freddie Mercury is pretty much like stepping in for God anyways, so if Marc Martel wants to sing in The Queen Extravaganza, it won’t be a big stretch to go from one band to the other.

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