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Construction Crooner: Channeling Sinatra on Lunch Breaks

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By HVentertainment on August 2, 2011

Most New Yorkers who live on the Upper East Side hate anyone with an orange vest these days.

The Second Avenue Subway will go a long way towards alleviating train traffic below ground, but for now, the construction has been unbearable for many residents in the area. Loud noises, intense congestion, piss-poor aesthetics and dug-up earth can’t be easy to deal with, even if it will help the city eventually.

So Gary Russo, a Local 40 ironworker on the $4 billion project, decided to give a little back to the community, according to the New York Post. Every day, on his 30-minute lunch break, Russo sets up his karaoke kit and sings Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin standards. “Forget all the noise, traffic and the impact of the 2nd Ave. Subway,” the sign behind him reads. “Enjoy the music.”

With that voice, maybe he’s just trying to pick up women — it used to be you could whistle at dames on a construction site and turn a few heads. Now? Hey, a little Sinatra goes a long way.

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